Thursday, 17 May 2012

Haul - Music, Shoes, New Look....

This is a just a small haul from over the last few weeks. I'm glad to be back blogging as usual again, so I thought I'd start off properly with some latest buys. I've had to stop drinking for a month, and already that has allowed me to save some money to buy some nice things, haha I should really take a month off from drinking more often.
 I can't wait to wear this outfit out. As much as I usually don't like Primark, well the one on my town anyway, I'm actually very impressed with their clothes at the moment. There's a lot of vintage looking items which I absolutely am loving of course. This pleated skirt is actually a lot darker, but as I had to make the image brighter due to the horrible grey weather today. I really wanted a white boobtube but unfortunately Primark didn't have any left in my size and I didn't want to spend around £7 on one from New Look, so I got this one from Primark, and it's still just as good. Now of course, the Lita copies. I have adored Jeffrey Campbell's shoes for over a year now, but have never been able to justify spending over £100 on them. So when I saw all the copies floating around on the internet I thought it would be a great chance to get a pair, except that most of the copies online, are still around £40, which is still too pricy for me, so I walked into Jonathan James today, and I spotted these beauties, for an amazing £26.99! I just had to have them!
Skirt - 12.99, Primark.
Boob tube - £2.50, Primark.
Lita copies - £26.99, Jonathan James.
 I picked these up quite a few weeks ago from Jonathan James. JJs have started selling Creeper copies that are exactly like Creepers now, I wish I'd waited a little longer, but I still really love these ones. They're quite hard to break-in though. They're fine if you wear two pairs of thick tights, or socks with them, but if you do buy these or any other Creepers, I'd recommend not wearing a pair of thin tights as you will end up with very, very nasty blisters.
Unfortunately I don't remember how much these were, but they were somewhere around £20 - £25 I think.
I've been wanting to start a vinyl record collection for years now, and have just never got round to buying any until a couple of weeks ago. My first purchase was Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' from a local record shop. I was completely amazed at the condition of it to say that it's 30 years old. It looks almost brand new.
The next thing I bought was Marina & the Diamonds new album 'Electra Heart', if you enjoyed 'The Family Jewels' album you will really enjoy this. When I heard this for the first time, it was (and still is) absolutely incredible, it really is one of the best records ever. I highly recommend it. I bought the Deluxe version which also included 4 art cards, which is the same price as the deluxe version from HMV.
Finally, Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'. Must I need to talk about this? It's just absolutely beautiful and I'm such a huge fan of Gaga. I couldn't have chosen a better album to be the second addition to my vinyl collection.
Michael Jackson 'Thriller' LP - £4.99, local record shop.
Marina & The Diamonds ' Electra Heart' Deluxe Version - £11.99,
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' LP - £11.32,

Kelli xo

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Topshop Wishlist

I'm a big fan of Topshop, just as much as any other girl, and they certainly have some amazing pieces on their website lately, that I just can't stop looking through it! I'm loving the vertical stripe/beetlejuice style pieces and the pastel colours they have going on. I wish I could afford all their clothes, but here are the ones that I've had my eye on for a while now and that are at the top of my list to get some time soon I hope.

1. Lace Collar Blouse by Sister Jane, £45.00.
2. Heidi Dress by Motel, £42.00.
3. Moto Anchor Denim Jacket, £50.00.
4. Pony Pendant Necklace, £12.50.
5. Dr Martens 8 Eye Smooth Boots, £100.00.
6. Retro Snake Trim Satchel, £34.00.
Jordan Jeans by Motel, £48.00.

Kelli xo

Monday, 2 April 2012

Collective Haul: New Look, Vintage Fair, Boots and more....

This is a small collective haul from over the last 2 weeks. Not much for a collective haul but I still wanted to share what I've bought with you guys. I should also have some ootd's up within the next week or two featuring my new clothes.
Here's a few things I bought from Bodycare. I've been after a good shampoo and conditioner for a while to give my hair a healthy look again, and I've heard good things about the V05 ones, and since I've tried their heat spray and hairspray and loved them, I was hoping these would be just as good and they really are so I'm pleased I got these. They were only 99p each which is great for such good products.
I got the usual Simple Facial Wipes as I always do, they're the best facial wipes in my opinion and these were (I think) £1.99.
I needed some more body sprays and these Charlie ones are only 99p each. Pink has always been my favourite one and I also wanted to try their new Enchant one too, which is also a lovely scent.
Also picked up a nail polish remover as I've been needing a new one for a while and I've already used this. It's really good, but I can't recall the price of it, it's definitely somewhere between £1 and £2 though.
I have been wanting one of the Collection 2000 lip creams since they launched them back in last year, they look so nice and I finally decided to get one. I got Number 1 'Cotton Candy', and it's just such a nice lip cream. I might do a review on it if anyone would like to see one but I think there may already have been so many reviews on them out there.
I got this 'K' initial necklace from Primark, and I just had to get it as I've been looking for an initial necklace for a long time time. It was only around £2 and it has little rhinestones all over it.
I picked up these gorgeous earrings from New look. I've been wanting some nice feathered, hoop earrings for a while now so I got these. They were somewhere around £3 and I'm a bit disappointed in how poor they are made though as all the other ones on the rack had feathers missing and were just ruined, and I thought these were the only ones that were fine until two feathers feell off while I was wearing them unfortunately. Still lovely though but due to the shade of pink that my hair is, I do wish they had them in blue, I think they would have looked a lot nicer with my hair then.

I went to a local Vintage Fair two weeks ago and one stall had some great rockabilly style cropped tops like this one. I'm really into polkadots lately so I bought this one for £24. It was quite expensive but definitely worth it. This top has also had quite a lot of reactions when I've worn it in public too, mostly nagative reactions but I hardly care about what other people think of me only showing about 3cm of belly, because I love how it looks and that's what matters the most.
I also bought this amazing cameo necklace from the Vintage Fair too. I've seen these all over but have never decided to buy one up until I saw this, and it was only £6 too! even though it's showing up as a copper/gold colour on here too, it's actually a silver colour. I just love this, it goes with so many things.
Finally on Thursday I got these two dresses. They're available in both House of Fraser and New Look, but I bought them both seperately. The red one from House of Fraser and the dark navy blue (it looks black on here) one from New Look. I bought them seperately because the fabric on the blue ones that were in House of Fraser were all frayed on the seams and the bows were ruined etc... so I got it from New Look instead, and it was the only one with no problems. I just had to get it though because I've been after it for so long now and as I said earlier, I have quite a thing for polkadots right now.
Left dress was around £12, and the right dress was £30.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Kelli xo

Thursday, 29 March 2012

REVIEW: Vintage Lip Balms by Technic.

I was in Bodycare a couple of weeks ago looking at some of the makeup, and I noticed these pretty lip balms. I'm an absolute lover of vintage so these definitely caught my eye and as I was amazed to not have seen one review on these yet I thought I would share these amazing finds with everyone as they are a personal favourite of mine now.
The packaging is lovely as you can see, with a pin-up girl and flowers.
I only have three of them but they do come in 4 different flavours/shades/scents:
Kir Royale, Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, and Blue Lagoon.
Kir Royale has a really sweet, fruity scent to it, a bit like mango or kiwi, it's hard to pin point the scent of this one but it's such a nice one and it's the one I've worn the most so far..
Long Island Iced Tea has a very sweet, bubblegum type scent to it, it's definitely my personal favourite out of these three.
Margarita has a very strong scent, and if you don't like alcohol, I highly doubt you will like this one. When I first smelt it I was very surprised at how much it really did smell like alcohol but it takes some getting used to and after a while it doesn't smell so bad, but in all honesty it isn't exactly the nicest out of the three.
I'm going to buy Blue Lagoon when I head into town this weekend and I shall do a mini review on that when I include it in a collective haul next week.

What I love most about these lip balms is that they leave your lips so soft and they last for so long too. They feel really moisturising and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good balm for dry lips that isn't sticky.

These are only 99p each from Bodycare and for that price you can't go wrong!

Kelli xo

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Shoe Collection.

My shoe collection is very, very small compared to other ones that I have seen on Blogger or Youtube. I used to have more, but recently had a clear out of my wardrobe so I got rid of the ones that had been worn out so much. So I now only have 7 pairs, (well actually 8, I have a pair of Purple Wrangler boots somewhere but could not find them anywhere) and that's enough shoes for me.

Hot Pink Ballet Flats - £10, Matalan.

These are my latest shoes, I only bought them a few days ago and I love them! I never used to wear ballet flats or any type of flat shoe as I was never able to walk in really, really flat ones, but since I've had to wear flat shoes for college I've got more used to them, and I'm always looking for a nice pair of ballet flats when I go shopping now.

Purple heels - New Look.

I bought these almost 4 years ago, and as you can tell from the heel, they're only a little too big. I swear they used to be able to fit me and my feet just shrunk though, nevermind.
They do manage to fit fairly comfortable but due to no platform and a thin, high heel (it's slightly higher than what it looks in this photo) I can't wear them for very long. I do really like these though even if I don't get to wear them often.

Black Lace-Up Heels - New Look.

I bought these in July last year and they were the first heels I ever managed to learn how to walk in. They can be a bit uncomfortable after a few hours but I usually don't notice anyway. They're not that high either so they're really easy to walk in and are one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

Black Faux-Leather Studded Heels - New Look.

Some more from New Look, and these I bought about 3/4 years ago. These are also a little too big.  Not much to say on them really. I can manage to walk in them and I've only worn them once or twice. I'll probably get rid of these soon because I don't really like the look of them anymore.

Burgundy Lace-Up Heels - New Look.

I bought these just over a month ago, and they're my favourite heels. The colour is lovely, and they're so comfy because of the thick heel and the support around the ankle. These are the shoes I get the most wear out of.

Red and Black T-Bar Block Heels - New Look.

I got these in December just before Christmas for £10 in the sale. I absolutely love these, but they're so uncomfortable, which is so disappointing as they're gorgeous! They bows also have black glitter on the inside which you can see a little when you're wearing them. I'm going to try get some gel soles to put in them and see if that will make them more bearable.

Purple Faux-Velvet Wedges - Jonathan James.

I bought these in July. They are really comfy but difficult to walk along the pavement in. I tend to change shoes and put them on when I get to the pub on a night out because I've almost twisted my ankle and fallen over many times only on a 20 minute walk into town with friends. They're amazing though, and also one of my favourites.

Kelli xo

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

HAUL: Matalan, Topshop and more...

 Polka-dot shorts, £10.
Blue shirt, £14.
Hot pink ballet flats, £10.
All from Matalan.

 So I went into town yesterday and picked up quite a few things. Firstly I headed to Matalan to return some clothes that didn't fit, and exchanged them for this gorgeous top, shorts, handbag and shoes, which I love. Ialso really wanted the latest Glamour Magazine as Jennifer Lawrence form The Hunger Games is in it, so I just had to have it. I have already used the free shampoo that came with the magazine and it smells lovely and really is good. The hairspray I bought is amazing too! I usually buy Wella's Silvikrin hairspray and just felt that I wanted to try a different one for a change, and this V05 one really is amazing. It doesn't leave your hair crispy like most others do and it doesn't smell as bad as others too. I also got Simple facial wipes as always. The lovely anchor ring was from Topshop and was the last one left and it caught my eye as I was about to leave, it was only £4 so I just couldn't resist.
V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray, £2 from Bodycare.
Glamour Magazine and free Percy and Reed shampoo.
Anchor ring, £4 from Topshop.
Satchel bag, £10 from Matalan.

 I'm really pleased with all these lovely things, and I hope you enjoyed this post if you're reading it.

Kelli xo

Friday, 10 February 2012

OOTD and Mini Haul!

Hello sweeties. I was so incredibly tired today, I stayed awake most of the night and had to be in college by 9am to sit an exam (booo!) so sorry for how tired I look in that photo. I'm thankful I did a ton of revision in college yesterday though, I have a feeling that I did well in that exam :)
Anyways, so I was in a very red mood today, probably because of all the snow that fell last night so it made it feel a little like Christmas.
My trusty high-waisted skinny jeans are from Topshop (although over a year old now).
Red shirt is from New Look.
Large cross necklace is from Topshop.
Hair clip is Claires Accessories.

After college I ventured into town in the thick snow, only meant to have a look but ended up coming back with these bits. Pretty pleased with everything but now I'm avoiding buying anything until 25th of February when I go to the Vintage Fair in Lincoln.
Boots. I actually went into New Look to buy some different boots, but after trying on these ones and the pair I was originally after, I found that these ones were more comfortable on my feet which was better as I been really wanting some heeled boots that are comfortable to wear to college, town etc...instead of just on a night out. I think it will certainly be a challenge to try and find an outfit to go with the colour of these boots though, as I don't have any clothes the same colour.
Book. As I've recently become a huge reader again, I've been trying to find a good book to read after I've finished with The Hunger Games which is what I am currently reading. I've heard good things about Water For Elephants so I headed over to Waterstones and got it for £4.99.
Necklace. The gorgeous feathered/glittered/chain necklace is from Topshop, for an amazing £1.50! I have had my eyes in this piece for months and months and months, and finally it had been reduced to an amazing price! I never bought it before as it was £16.50, which is quite expensive, so I never bothered, but I happened to notice this in the sale and it had to be mine, I'm so happy with it.
Nail polish. Finally, the nail polish is by Technic and is from a local shop in my town, but I'm aware that they are available in most Cities. I'm not completely sure but it's worth Googling. This nail polish shade is called 'Carnival' and it is a stunning multi-coloured glitter. I love how it goes with the glitter on my necklace.
I may have a review up of this nail polish at some point if anyone would like to see one?

Kelli xo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Outfit of The Night - 7/2/12

It's that day of the week again when I go to the pub, so I've done another OOTN post.
It was very cold tonight so I wore both a blazer and a fake leather jacket, which isn't clear to see in this picture taken with my horrible webcam.
This is also my favourite outfit right now too, because I like how the jumper/dress looks with the belt around it.
For shoes I was just wearing my college ballet flats that I wear all the time.

Jumper/Dress - River Island
Fake leather Jacket - Primark
Warm Knitted Leggings - Either Matalan or Primark (not sure :S)
Blazer - F&F at Tesco

Kelli xo

Friday, 3 February 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara.

Hello sweeties,
so I have been buying this mascara since July and it is defiitely one of my favourite mascaras, and I felt like doing my first review on it as I haven't seen any reviews about it yet and really wanted to share how good it is! This is by far one of the best mascaras I have ever used.
It's says 'length and definition' on the bottle, and that is exactly what it gives your lashes!
The length it gives is amazing, I have slightly long lashes already, so this gives even more length to them which I love.
It doesn't go on thick either, it goes on quite subtle but it definitely makes a difference to how your lashes look.
I prefer this one over the Big Fake False Lash Effect mascara from Collection 2000 that everyone has been raving about. I find that the Big Fake mascara is quite clumpy when I used it, and it didn't separate my lashes very well.
With Skyscraper, it separates you're lashes so well, and I usually have trouble finding a mascara that can separate my lashes(the lashes on my right eye are weird and look stuck together all the time) so I'm very pleased with how good this separates lashes.
I'm quite disappointed that I haven't seen any reviews about this mascara yet, I'd love to know if you guys have tried it and what you think about it.
This mascara is only £4.99, and I would recommend this to everyone to try it out at least once, before splashing out on something that costs a lot more.
So I think this is going to be a personal favourite of mine for a very long time.

Kelli xo

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Outfit of The Night - 30/1/12

I went to the pub last night and here's what I wore. Sort of wish I hadn't worn a dress though, it was so cold outside, really looking forward to the Summer when it's warm :)
Sorry for the phone pic, this was taken in the pub toilets so obviously I didn't have my Nikon with me.

Blue Velvet Dress - New Look
Jacket - Primark
Bag - Primark

Kelli xo

Monday, 23 January 2012

How to get pink hair.

Now one question I constantly get asked is "how did you get your hair that pink". Getting pink hair is obviously pretty simple if you already know what you're doing, but for those of you that are unsure how, I shall tell you right now how you can get your hair like this:
Carnation Pink by Directions, a few days after dyeing. Bear in mind I put Directions over 'golden blonde' hair, not platinum, so mine is slightly orangey. I recommend to try and go platinum.
Step 1: Bleaching.
First thing I am going to say about bleaching is DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLEACH IT YOURSELF. Please go to a professional at a salon. I cannot stress this enough. I know so many people who have attempted at bleaching themselves with salon bleach that they have bought form Sally's, and have ended up burning their scalp, and really damaged their hair. Bleaching is a difficult thing to learn, you have to get the measurements just right, and get the right percentage. Also, please do not attempt to lighten with boxed dyes. Yes, they may be cheap, but boxed dyes contain a lot of metallic salts, which completely destroy the hair in the longrun.
So please, go to a professional. If you really want a colour like this, it is worth paying a professional who knows what they are doing.

Step 2: Conditioning Treatmeant
After you have gone blonde, I recommend that you leave it at least 6 days before you apply the pink. As bleach does damage the hair and the elasticity of the hair, before applying the pink, it would be ideal to do a conditioning treatment. This will make the hair very soft and repair a lot of damage to the hair. You can get it done at a salon for fairly cheap, or you can look up how to do it yourself here (it's quite easy to do).

Step 3: Colouring the hair.
The questions I get asked most is: "what hair dye do you use?". There are quite a few brands out there including: Special Effects, Manic Panic, Directions, Crazy Colour and Stargazer. (You can also use a salon pink and mix with conditioner to get a pale pink, but it's a bit difficult so I recommend going with a ready made dye.)
Out of the dyes above I have only tried Directions so far. I have 3 bottles of Special Effects which I will be using in the week and will do a review on them.
I have heard a lot of negative reviews about Manic Panic, Crazy Colour and Stargazer, so I would stay clear of those.
I recommend starting off with Directions, as the colours are very bright. My colour is Carnation Pink. Directions is also a conditioning hair dye, containing quite a bit of conditioner so it's hardly damaging to the hair, and I've found that after dying my hair with Directions, my hair turned out very soft and shiny afterwards. If you're not sure of where to buy the dye, they stock it on
If you are not sure of how to apply the colour yourself you can get a friend to do it or watch many many tutorials on Youtube, Youtube videos certainly helped me learn how to do it myself.
Also, you must be prepared for a lot of re-dyeing, as colours like these only come in semi-permanent unfortunately. I re-dye mine every 2 to 3 weeks, but my hair was previously golden blonde and not platinum blonde. So it will last a little longer, and not be as orangey if you go platinum blonde. It is definitely worth spending the money on re-dyeing every couple of weeks though as I love my hair.

Carnation Pink after 2 weeks.
So that's all there really is to it. I hope this was somewhat helpful. I will also be doing a haircare post on how to look after pink hair soon, so look out for that.

Kelli xo

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Primark SS 2012 Collection.

Now I just want to start off by saying that I've personally never been a huge fan of Primark like most people. I think this is due to the fact that the Primark in my town is very small, and we never get all the amazing stuff that the branches in the Cities get. We just tend to get plain or floral stuff, and we have literally had the same jewellery in our store for what seems like forever, so I would usually just head there to buy tights, underwear or pjs. Also I think that the prices usually aren't worth it, for the poor quality of the clothes, although of course, that is my personal opinion.
But, after seeing their latest Spring/Summer collection for this year, I was very impressed. I'm so glad that the Boho/1970s trend that was around for last Spring/Summer, is now over as I found 2011 a very poor year for clothing, I found it very difficult to find clothes that I really liked last year, which I why I didn't buy much.
But I think I can safely say that there will be many Haul posts this year, so look forward to that.

I think that they have definitely improved on their collection this year, I'm looking forward to seeing them in stores, if they will hopefully be in my towns store. I love how there is a small touch of Vintage in there too, a mix of modern meets vintage which is what I love about this.
Here's a few of my favourite items from the collection:

 So, opinions on Primark SS Collection?
You can view the full range here.

Kelli xo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Outfit of The Night - 10/1/12

I went out to the pub with a few friends last night, as I do every Tuesday, and since my new Siouxsie and The Banshees shirt arrived on Saturday, I thought I'd wear some of my other new clothes too. I got the black pencil skirt for Christmas, it's only a tiny bit loose so I have to wear a tight belt around it. I also got my bright green leopard print cardigan from Ebay, shame the actual colour isn't showing up very well on here though, excuse my awful webcam. I will try and do Outfit posts with my Nikon in the future.
Cardigan - Ebay.
Siouxsie and The Banshees shirt - Ebay.
Black pencil skirt - Primark.

Kelli xo