Monday, 2 April 2012

Collective Haul: New Look, Vintage Fair, Boots and more....

This is a small collective haul from over the last 2 weeks. Not much for a collective haul but I still wanted to share what I've bought with you guys. I should also have some ootd's up within the next week or two featuring my new clothes.
Here's a few things I bought from Bodycare. I've been after a good shampoo and conditioner for a while to give my hair a healthy look again, and I've heard good things about the V05 ones, and since I've tried their heat spray and hairspray and loved them, I was hoping these would be just as good and they really are so I'm pleased I got these. They were only 99p each which is great for such good products.
I got the usual Simple Facial Wipes as I always do, they're the best facial wipes in my opinion and these were (I think) £1.99.
I needed some more body sprays and these Charlie ones are only 99p each. Pink has always been my favourite one and I also wanted to try their new Enchant one too, which is also a lovely scent.
Also picked up a nail polish remover as I've been needing a new one for a while and I've already used this. It's really good, but I can't recall the price of it, it's definitely somewhere between £1 and £2 though.
I have been wanting one of the Collection 2000 lip creams since they launched them back in last year, they look so nice and I finally decided to get one. I got Number 1 'Cotton Candy', and it's just such a nice lip cream. I might do a review on it if anyone would like to see one but I think there may already have been so many reviews on them out there.
I got this 'K' initial necklace from Primark, and I just had to get it as I've been looking for an initial necklace for a long time time. It was only around £2 and it has little rhinestones all over it.
I picked up these gorgeous earrings from New look. I've been wanting some nice feathered, hoop earrings for a while now so I got these. They were somewhere around £3 and I'm a bit disappointed in how poor they are made though as all the other ones on the rack had feathers missing and were just ruined, and I thought these were the only ones that were fine until two feathers feell off while I was wearing them unfortunately. Still lovely though but due to the shade of pink that my hair is, I do wish they had them in blue, I think they would have looked a lot nicer with my hair then.

I went to a local Vintage Fair two weeks ago and one stall had some great rockabilly style cropped tops like this one. I'm really into polkadots lately so I bought this one for £24. It was quite expensive but definitely worth it. This top has also had quite a lot of reactions when I've worn it in public too, mostly nagative reactions but I hardly care about what other people think of me only showing about 3cm of belly, because I love how it looks and that's what matters the most.
I also bought this amazing cameo necklace from the Vintage Fair too. I've seen these all over but have never decided to buy one up until I saw this, and it was only £6 too! even though it's showing up as a copper/gold colour on here too, it's actually a silver colour. I just love this, it goes with so many things.
Finally on Thursday I got these two dresses. They're available in both House of Fraser and New Look, but I bought them both seperately. The red one from House of Fraser and the dark navy blue (it looks black on here) one from New Look. I bought them seperately because the fabric on the blue ones that were in House of Fraser were all frayed on the seams and the bows were ruined etc... so I got it from New Look instead, and it was the only one with no problems. I just had to get it though because I've been after it for so long now and as I said earlier, I have quite a thing for polkadots right now.
Left dress was around £12, and the right dress was £30.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Kelli xo

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