Thursday, 17 May 2012

Haul - Music, Shoes, New Look....

This is a just a small haul from over the last few weeks. I'm glad to be back blogging as usual again, so I thought I'd start off properly with some latest buys. I've had to stop drinking for a month, and already that has allowed me to save some money to buy some nice things, haha I should really take a month off from drinking more often.
 I can't wait to wear this outfit out. As much as I usually don't like Primark, well the one on my town anyway, I'm actually very impressed with their clothes at the moment. There's a lot of vintage looking items which I absolutely am loving of course. This pleated skirt is actually a lot darker, but as I had to make the image brighter due to the horrible grey weather today. I really wanted a white boobtube but unfortunately Primark didn't have any left in my size and I didn't want to spend around £7 on one from New Look, so I got this one from Primark, and it's still just as good. Now of course, the Lita copies. I have adored Jeffrey Campbell's shoes for over a year now, but have never been able to justify spending over £100 on them. So when I saw all the copies floating around on the internet I thought it would be a great chance to get a pair, except that most of the copies online, are still around £40, which is still too pricy for me, so I walked into Jonathan James today, and I spotted these beauties, for an amazing £26.99! I just had to have them!
Skirt - 12.99, Primark.
Boob tube - £2.50, Primark.
Lita copies - £26.99, Jonathan James.
 I picked these up quite a few weeks ago from Jonathan James. JJs have started selling Creeper copies that are exactly like Creepers now, I wish I'd waited a little longer, but I still really love these ones. They're quite hard to break-in though. They're fine if you wear two pairs of thick tights, or socks with them, but if you do buy these or any other Creepers, I'd recommend not wearing a pair of thin tights as you will end up with very, very nasty blisters.
Unfortunately I don't remember how much these were, but they were somewhere around £20 - £25 I think.
I've been wanting to start a vinyl record collection for years now, and have just never got round to buying any until a couple of weeks ago. My first purchase was Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' from a local record shop. I was completely amazed at the condition of it to say that it's 30 years old. It looks almost brand new.
The next thing I bought was Marina & the Diamonds new album 'Electra Heart', if you enjoyed 'The Family Jewels' album you will really enjoy this. When I heard this for the first time, it was (and still is) absolutely incredible, it really is one of the best records ever. I highly recommend it. I bought the Deluxe version which also included 4 art cards, which is the same price as the deluxe version from HMV.
Finally, Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'. Must I need to talk about this? It's just absolutely beautiful and I'm such a huge fan of Gaga. I couldn't have chosen a better album to be the second addition to my vinyl collection.
Michael Jackson 'Thriller' LP - £4.99, local record shop.
Marina & The Diamonds ' Electra Heart' Deluxe Version - £11.99,
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' LP - £11.32,

Kelli xo

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