Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Shoe Collection.

My shoe collection is very, very small compared to other ones that I have seen on Blogger or Youtube. I used to have more, but recently had a clear out of my wardrobe so I got rid of the ones that had been worn out so much. So I now only have 7 pairs, (well actually 8, I have a pair of Purple Wrangler boots somewhere but could not find them anywhere) and that's enough shoes for me.

Hot Pink Ballet Flats - £10, Matalan.

These are my latest shoes, I only bought them a few days ago and I love them! I never used to wear ballet flats or any type of flat shoe as I was never able to walk in really, really flat ones, but since I've had to wear flat shoes for college I've got more used to them, and I'm always looking for a nice pair of ballet flats when I go shopping now.

Purple heels - New Look.

I bought these almost 4 years ago, and as you can tell from the heel, they're only a little too big. I swear they used to be able to fit me and my feet just shrunk though, nevermind.
They do manage to fit fairly comfortable but due to no platform and a thin, high heel (it's slightly higher than what it looks in this photo) I can't wear them for very long. I do really like these though even if I don't get to wear them often.

Black Lace-Up Heels - New Look.

I bought these in July last year and they were the first heels I ever managed to learn how to walk in. They can be a bit uncomfortable after a few hours but I usually don't notice anyway. They're not that high either so they're really easy to walk in and are one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

Black Faux-Leather Studded Heels - New Look.

Some more from New Look, and these I bought about 3/4 years ago. These are also a little too big.  Not much to say on them really. I can manage to walk in them and I've only worn them once or twice. I'll probably get rid of these soon because I don't really like the look of them anymore.

Burgundy Lace-Up Heels - New Look.

I bought these just over a month ago, and they're my favourite heels. The colour is lovely, and they're so comfy because of the thick heel and the support around the ankle. These are the shoes I get the most wear out of.

Red and Black T-Bar Block Heels - New Look.

I got these in December just before Christmas for £10 in the sale. I absolutely love these, but they're so uncomfortable, which is so disappointing as they're gorgeous! They bows also have black glitter on the inside which you can see a little when you're wearing them. I'm going to try get some gel soles to put in them and see if that will make them more bearable.

Purple Faux-Velvet Wedges - Jonathan James.

I bought these in July. They are really comfy but difficult to walk along the pavement in. I tend to change shoes and put them on when I get to the pub on a night out because I've almost twisted my ankle and fallen over many times only on a 20 minute walk into town with friends. They're amazing though, and also one of my favourites.

Kelli xo

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Jenna said...

I want everything in your shoe collections very termed to buy those hot pink flats myself!