Saturday, 14 January 2012

Primark SS 2012 Collection.

Now I just want to start off by saying that I've personally never been a huge fan of Primark like most people. I think this is due to the fact that the Primark in my town is very small, and we never get all the amazing stuff that the branches in the Cities get. We just tend to get plain or floral stuff, and we have literally had the same jewellery in our store for what seems like forever, so I would usually just head there to buy tights, underwear or pjs. Also I think that the prices usually aren't worth it, for the poor quality of the clothes, although of course, that is my personal opinion.
But, after seeing their latest Spring/Summer collection for this year, I was very impressed. I'm so glad that the Boho/1970s trend that was around for last Spring/Summer, is now over as I found 2011 a very poor year for clothing, I found it very difficult to find clothes that I really liked last year, which I why I didn't buy much.
But I think I can safely say that there will be many Haul posts this year, so look forward to that.

I think that they have definitely improved on their collection this year, I'm looking forward to seeing them in stores, if they will hopefully be in my towns store. I love how there is a small touch of Vintage in there too, a mix of modern meets vintage which is what I love about this.
Here's a few of my favourite items from the collection:

 So, opinions on Primark SS Collection?
You can view the full range here.

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