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How to get pink hair.

Now one question I constantly get asked is "how did you get your hair that pink". Getting pink hair is obviously pretty simple if you already know what you're doing, but for those of you that are unsure how, I shall tell you right now how you can get your hair like this:
Carnation Pink by Directions, a few days after dyeing. Bear in mind I put Directions over 'golden blonde' hair, not platinum, so mine is slightly orangey. I recommend to try and go platinum.
Step 1: Bleaching.
First thing I am going to say about bleaching is DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLEACH IT YOURSELF. Please go to a professional at a salon. I cannot stress this enough. I know so many people who have attempted at bleaching themselves with salon bleach that they have bought form Sally's, and have ended up burning their scalp, and really damaged their hair. Bleaching is a difficult thing to learn, you have to get the measurements just right, and get the right percentage. Also, please do not attempt to lighten with boxed dyes. Yes, they may be cheap, but boxed dyes contain a lot of metallic salts, which completely destroy the hair in the longrun.
So please, go to a professional. If you really want a colour like this, it is worth paying a professional who knows what they are doing.

Step 2: Conditioning Treatmeant
After you have gone blonde, I recommend that you leave it at least 6 days before you apply the pink. As bleach does damage the hair and the elasticity of the hair, before applying the pink, it would be ideal to do a conditioning treatment. This will make the hair very soft and repair a lot of damage to the hair. You can get it done at a salon for fairly cheap, or you can look up how to do it yourself here (it's quite easy to do).

Step 3: Colouring the hair.
The questions I get asked most is: "what hair dye do you use?". There are quite a few brands out there including: Special Effects, Manic Panic, Directions, Crazy Colour and Stargazer. (You can also use a salon pink and mix with conditioner to get a pale pink, but it's a bit difficult so I recommend going with a ready made dye.)
Out of the dyes above I have only tried Directions so far. I have 3 bottles of Special Effects which I will be using in the week and will do a review on them.
I have heard a lot of negative reviews about Manic Panic, Crazy Colour and Stargazer, so I would stay clear of those.
I recommend starting off with Directions, as the colours are very bright. My colour is Carnation Pink. Directions is also a conditioning hair dye, containing quite a bit of conditioner so it's hardly damaging to the hair, and I've found that after dying my hair with Directions, my hair turned out very soft and shiny afterwards. If you're not sure of where to buy the dye, they stock it on
If you are not sure of how to apply the colour yourself you can get a friend to do it or watch many many tutorials on Youtube, Youtube videos certainly helped me learn how to do it myself.
Also, you must be prepared for a lot of re-dyeing, as colours like these only come in semi-permanent unfortunately. I re-dye mine every 2 to 3 weeks, but my hair was previously golden blonde and not platinum blonde. So it will last a little longer, and not be as orangey if you go platinum blonde. It is definitely worth spending the money on re-dyeing every couple of weeks though as I love my hair.

Carnation Pink after 2 weeks.
So that's all there really is to it. I hope this was somewhat helpful. I will also be doing a haircare post on how to look after pink hair soon, so look out for that.

Kelli xo

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