Wednesday, 14 March 2012

HAUL: Matalan, Topshop and more...

 Polka-dot shorts, £10.
Blue shirt, £14.
Hot pink ballet flats, £10.
All from Matalan.

 So I went into town yesterday and picked up quite a few things. Firstly I headed to Matalan to return some clothes that didn't fit, and exchanged them for this gorgeous top, shorts, handbag and shoes, which I love. Ialso really wanted the latest Glamour Magazine as Jennifer Lawrence form The Hunger Games is in it, so I just had to have it. I have already used the free shampoo that came with the magazine and it smells lovely and really is good. The hairspray I bought is amazing too! I usually buy Wella's Silvikrin hairspray and just felt that I wanted to try a different one for a change, and this V05 one really is amazing. It doesn't leave your hair crispy like most others do and it doesn't smell as bad as others too. I also got Simple facial wipes as always. The lovely anchor ring was from Topshop and was the last one left and it caught my eye as I was about to leave, it was only £4 so I just couldn't resist.
V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray, £2 from Bodycare.
Glamour Magazine and free Percy and Reed shampoo.
Anchor ring, £4 from Topshop.
Satchel bag, £10 from Matalan.

 I'm really pleased with all these lovely things, and I hope you enjoyed this post if you're reading it.

Kelli xo

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